Thursday, July 2, 2015

kbhl pbsbnpb  RAI SCRIPT

kbhl sbebkl  RAI ALPHABET

mbhlsb n  CONSONANT
a  d  F  S  f
ka   kha     ga           gha   ṅa

m   s  H  J  E
ca    cha   ja     jha    ña

D   K   R   I
ṭa     ṭha    ḍa    ḍha

p   x   q   c   o
ta      tha    da     dha   na
n   G   j   v   e
pa     pha   ba     bha   ma
y   k  w   i   A
ya     ra      la      va     sha
g   t
sa     ha

tbrnsbn  VOWEL
hX hb   hl hu
a      ā      i/ī     u/ū

hr  hrr hbr hbrr   hz hU hO hY hT

e      ai     o    au      ą    am  ã  aha   -


-       b       l     u     r     rr    br     brr
        ā      i/ī     u/ū   e      ai     o      au


1     2     3     4     5     6      7     8     9     0
ak        hawā   sum     lu/ṅā   hasā    tuk       e          re         bhau                     pronunciation

1          2          3          4          5          6          7          8          9          0

Diacritical marks
U             O             Y             T
anuswar    chandravindu     visargha            

RAI nukta or halant (z) character is equivalent to Devanagari halant. But the difference is that when you use halant () to join the two different characters in Devanagari script halant will be invisible but in Rai script halant will be visible. eg.

Rai word         gloss
        gbrozeb         to breath

Nepali word   gloss
मुक्त                      free 

This is the new thing I have found in the Rai script. Even in Lepcha, Limbu and other Indian languages this type of uniqueness I have not found till days. 

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